We’ve had great feedback about our Essential Mindfulness for Lawyers courses.  Attorneys say things like “eye-opening,” “enlightening,” “educational,” and “empowering,” and that the courses make them “better able to respond to respond to stress + chaos,” in law practice and in life. They also really appreciate the MCLE credits.  

Law students who have taken EML say things like, “This  should be a required course.  It’s that important.”  

Attorneys who hire us for Mindfulness-Based Executive Coaching also give us high marks, using words like “insightful,” “probing,” “honest,” and “encouraging.”  One attorney wrote that Warrior One’s MBE Coaching, “artfully facilitated and elicited an inner conversation that effectively cut through distracting ‘self-static’ … [while being] appropriately aggressive…. Over a span of a few months, [the] coaching helped guide me to new levels of energy, confidence, direction, and daily effectiveness.”

We hope you’ll enjoy reading more from our EML participants and MBE Coaching clients:

Essential Mindfulness for Lawyers courses - Testimonials from Attorneys

EML teaches one to react purposefully to life as a lawyer, rather than being buttressed reactively to stress." — Senior partner, litigation, including arguments before the Supreme Court

The program delivered what I hoped and expected – to add a level of calm to my practice, and habits to achieve it." — Senior partner, litigation

No matter how hard we try, practicing law is hard and affects us on a deeply personal level, whether we are immediately aware of that or not. Taking time to invest in your personal thought processes and feelings is well worth the effort" — Junior associate, business, Capital Markets, Technology Companies and Leveraged Finance

I have placed more emphasis on the habit of courtesy – and have practiced putting away personal dislike I may have for opposing counsel." — Senior partner, litigation

My wife says I’m calmer during stress-inducing situations." — Senior partner, litigation

Having taken meditation courses before, the EML program was very much what I expected, with the added benefit of feeling like there were people within the law firm community who were struggling with the same issues." — Junior associate, business

I think law practice is such a whole person experience—for me, mindfulness impacts me, and my law practice is so bound up in ME. I think I am a good example of the duck syndrome, where a person seems pretty calm/put together, but if you look beneath the surface the little ducky feet are just paddling, paddling, paddling ferociously. Mindfulness helps that interior experience for me, which allows my inside and outside to match a bit better, which I feel will have great benefits in terms of my ability to sustain a practice over time." — Junior associate, business

[The changes I notice as a result of the EML course are] a reminder to turn toward the positive, and also very much a feeling of empowerment. Having control (some control) over one’s interior experience is the most empowering type of control, I feel. It leads to real groundedness." — Junior associate, business

My husband really notices when I’m up on meditating, he just says I seem BETTER. Which is lovely." — Junior associate, business

I had limited expectations (I was actually skeptical). I was wrong. The program was enlightening + eye-opening, as well as educational." — Counsel, international firm, litigation

[The most important things I learned were,] first, how to meditate. I had never tried it before. Second, providing definitive links between EML and mental and physical improvement." — Junior partner, litigation

[I’ve noticed that after the EML course, I am] better able to respond to stress + chaos [at the office and] at home." — Junior partner, litigation

I thought [the EML] class was wonderful. I think it was nicely balanced between exercises and information.... It is nice being taught by someone who understands what it is like to practice law and the types of demands on lawyers. There were times during the class where I felt that more engagement from others in the group would have been helpful but I certainly would not want to turn the class into a personal therapy session so I appreciate the line that you are trying to draw. Overall, I would recommend the class, especially given the MCLE credits. I always looked forward to my session and could definitely go for a refresher course." — Senior partner, business & securities

Essential Mindfulness for Lawyers courses - Testimonials from Law Students

This should be a required course. It’s that important." — Law Student, Spring 2010

Loved the class! Good luck in the future. This has been a great benefit for my life. Thank you for the heart you have put into it." — Law Student, Spring 2010

If more law school classes had a professor with this kind of heart & soul, then I would likely enjoy law school more." — Law Student, Fall 2010

Amazing course – should be required." — Law Student, Fall 2010

The class was great. Not only did my process of the challenge of law school & dealing with it [change], but [the class] also opened up valuable ideas which could really benefit the profession & lawyers. A class whose time has come!" — Law Student, Spring 2011

I would love to keep taking this class. Contemplative Lawyering II? Advanced Contemplative Lawyering? Intermediate Contemplative Lawyering?" — Law Student, Spring 2011

Thank you for opening our eyes to the human side of practicing." — Law Student, Spring 2011

One of the best classes in law school." — Law Student, Spring 2011

I will definitely keep in touch, and thank you for everything you taught us this semester! I have been recommending the class to everyone. It has changed my outlook on a lot of things and really opened my mind and heart and has helped me tune into myself. Your class has really been a savior to me. I could not have needed or asked for anything more. Words cannot express how grateful I am for the work that we did your class." — Law Student, Fall 2011

This has been the most valuable course that I have taken at Golden Gate University. I know that I will keep my commitment to this practice in the law because this is something that I will forever practice and carry with me." — Law Student, Fall 2011

In the first class, I was skeptical that I would actually incorporate the practice of awareness into my daily life. I certainly didn’t anticipate practicing awareness when I wasn’t required. But I was surprised at how useful and relaxing it can be if I just do it!" — Law Student, Fall 2012

I have been practicing the meditation techniques for the past few weeks now and while I have by no means mastered the art of awareness, I have noticed some surprising and delightful changes. I have found that there is a sense of calm and relaxation that comes over me when I concentrate on focusing on the breath. There is a sense of stability and strength that emerges from within. It is quite a nice feeling that I am not used too. I am also finding that the little things that I used to find annoying, their offensiveness is waning. The annoyance factor is subsiding and I am not so bothered by the little things that I cannot control." — Law Student, Fall 2012

It easy to get so wrapped up in the conflict that we forget what we even wanted in the first place. In this sense, this is one of ways I have found this class to be so helpful because it reminds me to sort of take step back and take a moment to think about what the issue really is. Thinking about the issue or the conflict then helps me to communicate what it is that really bothers me and/or what the solution is. I know that this practice will help me in my daily life as well as in my work life because I know that clear and effective communication is essential both in the practice of law and the practice of life and relationships." — Law Student, Spring 2013

I tend to shoot first and ask questions later, and mindfulness practice has allowed me to step back, assess the situation and then jump in after calculating the demeanor and words best suited for the situation. This is similar to the true warrior, he or she knows his or her job, knows how to do it, and doesn’t have to be angry or violent necessarily to do it." — Law Student, Spring 2013

Mindfullness Based Coaching - Testimonials from Attorneys

Judi is amazingly insightful, she has a depth of knowledge and experience, and is easy to confide in. I changed my game plan substantially as a result of her advice, and it's working really well." — Allen Bromberger, Perlman & Perlman, New York, NY

I write to commend Judi on her work as my executive coach. I worked with her in 2010 and the lessons I learned have served me well as I've built my legal practice and worked toward achieving my personal goals. Specifically, Judi's coaching directly led to achieving the goal of earning my private pilot's license, which had been a work in progress for 27+ years! I highly recommend Judi's executive coaching service." — Ronnie Gipson, Gipson Higa LLP, San Francisco, CA

When my partner and I first opened our law firm we had a business plan and a dream. Through her coaching, Judi Cohen has helped (and continues to help) us fill in many of the gaps that exist between those two things. She has been inspiring, helpful, honest, compassionate and encouraging in coaching us through things like finding a resonant marketing plan and figuring out the kind of culture we want our firm to have. In our first six months we have been more successful than we had hoped for and we continue to develop both a clear vision and attainable path for our future. I enthusiastically recommend Warrior One and Judi Cohen!" — Brian Carideo, O'Neil, Carideo Law Group LLP, San Francisco

Judi is an excellent coach. She asked probing questions, listened, and thoughtfully took inventory on my personal goals and objectives. She did not "jump in" and project what she thought I needed. In this space of mutual trust and respect she artfully facilitated and elicited an inner conversation that effectively cut through distracting "self-static" to help guide me to new levels of personal honesty, reflection, and clarity at a critical professional juncture. She was appropriately aggressive and did not allow me to sidestep the hard homework involved. Over a span of a few months, Judi's steady coaching helped guide me to new levels of energy, confidence, direction, and daily effectiveness. She is at once both personal and professional. I highly recommend Warrior One." — Tom Hicks, Attorney at Law, San Francisco

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