Our mission is to offer mindfulness solutions to lawyers who want to elevate intellectual and emotional intelligence, expand capacity, decrease stress, and increase their resilience to living surrounded by conflict. We help lawyers create smarter, saner practices.

Why Essential Mindfulness for Lawyers®? Because EML can help.

Practicing law is about handling large volumes of work, in high-stakes matters, for emotional clients, with or against aggressive colleagues. Lawyers live and work surrounded by conflict and hostility.

The intensity impacts even the best and brightest lawyers. It diminishes effectiveness, resilience, and wellbeing, the very qualities essential to great lawyering.

EML offers lawyers tools to work with the intensity so that it benefits themselves, their firms and their clients. Research shows that mindfulness practice stabilizes focus, boosts working memory, expands cognitive flexibility, lowers emotional reactivity, reduces stress, increases satisfaction in relationships, cultivates insight, morality and intuition, and provides other intellectual and emotional benefits as well.

Lawyers need the benefits of mindfulness. Large volumes of work require a stable, focused mind and high levels of working memory. More cognitive flexibility enables lawyers to untangle even the most complicated matters. Emotional reactivity drops with mindfulness practice, allowing EML-trained, mindful lawyers to deliver calmer, more thoughtful responses to frightened, angry or difficult people. Lower stress and higher satisfaction in relationships means lawyers who practice mindfulness can be more effective and experience greater wellbeing.

Essential Mindfulness for Lawyers® gives lawyers the mindfulness training they need to build skill-sets for more effective, resilient, healthy practices. Instead of succumbing to stress and overwhelm, EML-trained lawyers can operate at their most thoughtful, discerning and emotionally intelligent levels.

Essential Mindfulness for Lawyers® is practical, portable mindfulness tools for smarter, saner practice. Get trained. Get better.