About EML, from an Attorney

"I think law practice is such a whole person experience—for me, mindfulness impacts me, and my law practice is so bound up in ME. I think I am a good example of the duck syndrome, where a person seems pretty calm/put together, but if you look beneath the surface the little ducky feet are just paddling, paddling, paddling ferociously. Mindfulness helps that interior experience ..."

— Junior associate, business

About Mindfulness Based Coaching

"When my partner and I first opened our law firm we had a business plan and a dream. Through her coaching, Judi Cohen has helped (and continues to help) us fill in many of the gaps that exist between those two things. She has been inspiring, helpful, honest, compassionate and encouraging in coaching us through things like finding a resonant marketing plan and figuring out the ki..."

— Brian Carideo, O'Neil, Carideo Law Group LLP, San Francisco

About EML, from a Student

"Thank you for opening our eyes to the human side of practicing."

— Law Student, Spring 2011

About Mindfulness Based Coaching

"Judi is amazingly insightful, she has a depth of knowledge and experience, and is easy to confide in. I changed my game plan substantially as a result of her advice, and it's working really well."

— Allen Bromberger, Perlman & Perlman, New York, NY

About EML, from a Student

"I tend to shoot first and ask questions later, and mindfulness practice has allowed me to step back, assess the situation and then jump in after calculating the demeanor and words best suited for the situation. This is similar to the true warrior, he or she knows his or her job, knows how to do it, and doesn’t have to be angry or violent necessarily to do it."

— Law Student, Spring 2013

About EML, from an Attorney

"My wife says I’m calmer during stress-inducing situations."

— Senior partner, litigation

Warrior One believes it is possible, and time, to transform the law into a wiser, more compassionate profession. Our mission is to offer mindfulness as a tool for lawyers to create this transformation. We do this through courses in Essential Mindfulness for Lawyers (EML) and individual mindfulness-based coaching.

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