About Mindfulness Based Coaching

"I write to commend Judi on her work as my executive coach. I worked with her in 2010 and the lessons I learned have served me well as I've built my legal practice and worked toward achieving my personal goals. Specifically, Judi's coaching directly led to achieving the goal of earning my private pilot's license, which had been a work in progress for 27+ years! I ..."

— Ronnie Gipson, Gipson Higa LLP, San Francisco, CA

About EML, from a Student

"Loved the class! Good luck in the future. This has been a great benefit for my life. Thank you for the heart you have put into it."

— Law Student, Spring 2010

About Mindfulness Based Coaching

"When my partner and I first opened our law firm we had a business plan and a dream. Through her coaching, Judi Cohen has helped (and continues to help) us fill in many of the gaps that exist between those two things. She has been inspiring, helpful, honest, compassionate and encouraging in coaching us through things like finding a resonant marketing plan and figuring out the ki..."

— Brian Carideo, O'Neil, Carideo Law Group LLP, San Francisco

About EML, from an Attorney

"The program delivered what I hoped and expected – to add a level of calm to my practice, and habits to achieve it."

— Senior partner, litigation

About EML, from an Attorney

"[I’ve noticed that after the EML course, I am] better able to respond to stress + chaos [at the office and] at home."

— Junior partner, litigation

About EML, from a Student

"I have been practicing the meditation techniques for the past few weeks now and while I have by no means mastered the art of awareness, I have noticed some surprising and delightful changes. I have found that there is a sense of calm and relaxation that comes over me when I concentrate on focusing on the breath. There is a sense of stability and strength that emerges from wit..."

— Law Student, Fall 2012

Warrior One believes it is possible, and time, to transform the law into a wiser, more compassionate profession. Our mission is to offer mindfulness as a tool for lawyers to create this transformation. We do this through courses in Essential Mindfulness for Lawyers (EML) and individual mindfulness-based coaching.

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