Essential Mindfulness for Lawyers (EML)

…is mindfulness training designed by and for lawyers, to enhance the effectiveness and productivity of our practices, and to increase wellbeing for ourselves, our clients and our firms.

Fundamental change is occurring in society – change that is both systemic and personal. To be powerful advocates in today’s world we need a clear understanding of the changes society is undergoing, our clients’ roles in those changes, and our own roles. At the same time, we need to support our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of our clients and firms. We need smarter, saner ways to practice law. We need the power of mindfulness.

Essential Mindfulness for Lawyers gives you this powerful tool. Our courses are mindfulness trainings designed by, and specifically for, lawyers. They are:

+  Explorations of the (legal) mind.

+  Workshops on open-mindedness, to represent clients who are unconstrained by outdated modes and expect their lawyers to be similarly forward-thinking.

+  Laboratories to cultivate passionate advocacy – even in difficult, high-stakes cases – that is grounded in wisdom, insight and equanimity.

EML begins with an exploration of how the mind works from a scientific and experiential perspective. We then investigate the landscape of the mind, including states of mind to increase effectiveness and wellbeing. As we undertake this investigation, EML participants begin to increase intellectual and emotional range, and learn to choose the most effective states of mind, even during high-stress situations. In the process, participants hone essential leadership and advocacy skills like focus, communication (including with extremely difficult people), discernment, and wisdom, for higher levels of practice and more satisfied clients. Ultimately, participants gain greater access to their own intellectual and emotional intelligence, and develop strategies to import mindfulness into their law practices for more thoughtful, powerful advocacy.

EML take-aways include greater effectiveness in the courtroom and conference room, in interactions with colleagues, opposing counsel and staff, and in all aspects of professional life. And they translate into less stress, more happiness and greater wellbeing for you, your clients and the firm.

Essential Mindfulness for Lawyers Trainings

We offer a variety of trainings in Essential Mindfulness for Lawyers.  Trainings range from one-hour presentations with practical content, to in-depth trainings designed to enable lawyers to integrate mindfulness fully into their law practices. 

Short Trainings

We work with your firm to focus our one-hour, two-hour and three-hour trainings on topics relevant to your attorneys. These may include, among many others:

+  Mindfulness as a general skill for more effective advocacy

+  Ethics, substance abuse, elimination of bias, law practice management or stress relief and mindfulness

+  Focus and concentration mindfulness practices for greater efficiency

+  Mindfulness skills for lowering reactivity and increasing thoughtful, considered  practice

+  Mindfulness to create more happiness in the practice of law

In-Depth Trainings

EML I – Understanding the (Legal) Mind: This training introduces lawyers to the science and practice of mindfulness as it applies directly to lawyers. Participants cultivate focus and concentration, increase efficiency, and learn to become less reactive, with the additional benefit of decreasing stress. EML I is comprised of five courses, which can be offered over five consecutive weeks or over a weekend.

EML II – Powerful, Effective States of Mind for Lawyers:  In this training, which follows EML I, participants learn to abandon reactive states of mind like frustration and overwhelm, and then choose and deploy intentional states of mind like patience, fearlessness, and flexibility, for greater effectiveness and wellbeing.  This training is also comprised of five (5) courses and can also be offered either over five consecutive weeks or over a weekend.

EML III – Practicing Excellence in a Changing Profession:  In this training, which builds on the skills developed in EML I and II, participants articulate core competencies and values essential to the practice of law, identify barriers to excellence, and cultivate strategies to hone competence, align values and eliminate barriers. They become more powerful advocates, grounded by wisdom and compassion. This training is also comprised of five courses, the last three of which are combined into a day-long retreat. EML III can be offered either over two consecutive weeks plus a day-long, or over a weekend.

All EML sessions (except the EML III retreat) can be offered at the firm or by teleconferencing, or to several of the firm’s offices at once via a combination of in-person and teleconferencing.  The EML III retreat session is off-site.

Day-Long, Half-Day, and Customized Trainings

Warrior One also offers day-long and half-day EML trainings, which can be customized for your firm and can be held at the firm, off-site, or on retreat.

Continuing Legal Education Credits

Warrior One is certified by the California Bar as a Multiple Activity Provider of Continuing Legal Education. CLE credit is available for California lawyers. Please contact us about whether CLE credit can be obtained in your jurisdiction.

For more information, and to schedule an Essential Mindfulness for Lawyers training at your firm, please call or email us at +1-510-326-6685 or, or click here.

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